Real Lives 2016 May Event


On Tuesday (24th May 2016) Gus Ayres will be speaking and singing at Roe Cross Green (Cafe/Restaurant), Mottram at 7.30 pm. FREE ENTRY. Cakes and drinks can be bought at the venue.

Right click on the link below to open in a new tab and see the poster.



Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday saw the Jigsaw gang digging in sand for artefacts as junior archeologists! It was great fun learning about the real archeologists that are proving the Bible to be historically and geographically accurate. We also created a mobile for Easter covering the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the Passover celebration Jesus shared with his disciples, the crucifixion and THE RESURRECTION!!! Yay!

Jigsaw 1 20160320_124942Jigsaw 2 20160320_124956Jigsaw 3 20160320_125001


Join us for a family celebration on Mother’s Day – 6th March at 10.30 am.

The children will be taking part and there will be flowers for all the ladies.

Stay for cakes and tea!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Christmas Nativity Photos

nativity small jpeg-7954

The church enjoyed this incredible nativity scene this Christmas. Absolutely amazing. Thanks to all those who contributed. Special thanks to Bob, Philip and Norman. Click to see more.

nativity small jpeg-7952



Michael Ramplin at the Grey Mare Inn, Charlesworth



Join us at The Grey Mare Inn in Charlesworth for an evening with

Michael J Ramplin and Friends

on November 27th at 8pm.

Michael J Ramplin is a country gospel singer who was inspired by the life and music of Johnny Cash. His personal story is inspirational in itself as he shares about how he overcame addiction.

From Michael’s Facebook page:

At the age of 17 he left his home and joined the Merchant Navy. “I used to drink a lot in those days but wherever I went in the world there would be country music playing on the jukeboxes. If there was a microphone in the bar, I usually got up to sing.”

However Michael’s drinking began to take over his life resulting in frequent trips to hospital to “dry out”. Eventually his marriage failed and he finished up living “rough” with other alcoholics where his life reached “Rock Bottom”, and was told by doctors that if he carried on drinking he would be dead in 18 months.

Come and hear the whole story. See you there.