Who We Are

Lead Elder: Jim Solomon


IMG_20150906_120913.jpg Karen 2

Elder: Stephen Hartle

Stephen Hartle - 3472 x 2604

 Elder: Adj Hall

Adj-Hall - 2248 × 2311


The following Deacons are elected to head up various areas of service in our church:

Administration Church Secretary: Michael Copestake

Finance Treasurer: Anne Pennington Finance Deacon: Adj Hall

Buildings and Land: Deacon: Phil Pennington

assisted by Adrian Nolan

Catering, Events and Transport Co-ordinator:  Deacon: Dorothy Phillips

Catering: Maureen Hall

Community and Care:  Deacon: Dorothy Phillips

whose role includes:

Village School Foundation Governor

Health and Safety:

assisted by delegated Fire Safety Officer – David Phillips

Safeguarding Verifier – David Phillips

 Liaison and Church Co-ordinator with regard to Village Carnival

Mission:  Deacon: Phillip Pennington



Specific Ministries Leaders

Music: Julia Hartle Supported by Gemma Solomon and Helen Copestake

                                                                                                                                    Credit to imizis courtesy of Christian Photos

 Bible Study:

Church Bible 150 x 150

Jim Solomon

Stephen Hartle


Oasis…Luncheon Club:  Maureen Hall Supported by Margaret Hazelwood and Julia Hartle

Creche/Children’s Work: Dorothy Phillips and Jim Solomon Supported by Gemma Solomon, Helen Copestake, Adj Hall and Anne Pennington 

Floral Arrangements: Maureen Hall


Sunny - 693 x 693                                                                                                                           ©iStock images

Assistant re: Website and Publicity: Helen Copestake

(with Deacon: Michael Copestake) 

There are many other roles within the church that are undertaken by the congregation, such as cleaning, kitchen duties, welcoming, audio-visual, preparation for communion, general organisation, baking and catering and so on.

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