Here are four examples of our recent sermons...

Sermon 1: Jim Solomon 

The way to lasting happiness           Ecclesiastes 1: 1-11


Sermon 2: Jim Solomon

The true path of wisdom      Ecclesiastes 1: 12-18; 2: 12-17


Sermon 3: Duncan Hollows

The vanity of self-indulgence       Ecclesiastes 2: 1-11


Sermon 4: Jim Solomon

Enjoying work forever      Ecclesiastes 2: 18-26


All our sermons can be found via the ‘We preach Christ crucified’ square on the Home Page. Click on the square and then on ‘Read More’ to access the link.

And…for all our Gospel Services on You Tube click on the ‘Good News’ Tab along the top of the Home Page, which then links to a list of 20 minute gospel messages.

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