Car Park for Top Chapel

It’s taken a long time to get here but finally things are moving. The contractor went on site on Monday 5th September 2016 and the change is amazing. Tons of material has been dug up. The widening of Monk’s Road will amount to about a metre, with a large visiblity display/embankment as requested by the Council . Curb stones on the chapel sideĀ  of the road are being installed. There will be a small pavement on the uphill portion of the road, near the top gate, to facilitate pedestrians crossing.

Thank you to our neighbours for their patience. The contractors needed to close the road for Health and Safety reasons. Once it’s completed we’ll have a fifty-space car park, which will be a real boon to us as a church. At the moment we only have limited space for cars and that curtails what we can do because it’s a long way up that hill!car-park-at-tc-by-jim

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